NIRSA Spalding TF-500 Composite Basketball


The top choice of NIRSA for any surface — indoors or out!

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Spalding's TF-500 offers the durability needed for outdoor courts while maintaining the feel and performance of an indoor ball. Now a top-choice of NIRSA - Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, this ball offers versatility and durability on a variety of surfaces! A composite cover with a soft feel and improved grip for better handling.

Durable Versatility

The soft, composite cover helps students maintain greater grip for more consistent play. The cover is tougher than leather and soft enough for a “broken in” feel. It’s perfect for any level of play on any playing surface, indoors or out. Wide channels provide better handling and control than balls with narrow channels. 40% nylon polyester windings provide durability to the middle layer of the ball, protecting the 60% butyl bladder and adding better shape retention. Features NIRSA Authenticating Mark.

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