No-Whip Polyethylene Basketball Net

Heavy-duty polyethylene material for a quality basketball net.


Great for both indoor and outdoor recreational play, polyethylene netting boasts great durability and resistance to abuse, making it an optimal choice. Netting also helps to guide balls cleanly through the goal and slow their velocity for easier retrieval.

Great Resilience

Made with a polyethylene-blended material, these nets are going to take abuse and fend off numerous detractors to stay strong and performing optimally. They’re naturally UV resistant, which prevents breakdowns from sunlight over prolonged exposure. On top of this, polyethylene is water resistant and won’t react with moisture in the way that cotton will. Together these traits allow this netting to be used outdoors to a superior degree, without fear of rotting, shrinking, or decomposition. It can also be used indoors to great effect, as a regular-use solution for recreational courts.


  • Net forces the ball to drop straight down, as compared to going whichever direction after the shot is made, adding consistency to its path.
  • No-tie net is designed for use on all no-tie rims.
  • Official size and design, with 12 loops to attach to the rim.
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