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Performer Plus™ Rubber Basketballs

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The quality and durability of the Performer™ Basketball, Plus a softer touch!

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A quality rubber basketball that performs so well, we’re convinced you’ll feel the difference immediately! Cushioned rubber with wide pebbled channels provides a soft, tacky feel for improved handling and shooting.

Ultimate Rubber Basketball

A durable construction ensures this ball will constantly maintain the feel and performance of a composite ball, making this the ultimate rubber basketball in our collection. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, meaning you do not have to separate it from playground or outdoor balls.

  • Because it has been designed for recess, PE classes, and park and rec programs, you can rest assured this ball will last for years, making it an extremely economical choice.
  • A soft finish and pebbled channels on the rubber cover create a tacky grip with a soft feel, close to what you’d find in a composite material. This leads to better performance and control during play. These pebbled channels go above and beyond basic channeling for more consistent feel and handling.
  • Rainbow® sets are perfect for organizing classes, as students in one area can practice 1 skill while students in a separate area practice another.
  • Three sizes are available, including Size 5 (for elementary students), Size 6 (for junior high and up, and women’s games), and Size 7 (for men’s games and older students).

Performer Plus™ Rubber Basketball Options

Performer Plus™ Rubber Basketballs are available in 3 sizes in Rainbow® Sets of 6 and individually in tan.

  • Quantity/Color
    • Individual Tan
    • Rainbow® Sets of 6
  • Size
    • Size 5, Junior
    • Size 6, Intermediate
    • Size 7, Official
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