Gopher Performer™ Rubber Basketballs

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Long-lasting introductory rubber basketball available in a variety of colors and sizes!

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Designed for everyday use, this high-quality rubber basketball will outlast and outperform other introductory balls.  Whether you are in the gym or on the playground, the Performer’s tough rubber cover, grippy pebbled surface, and superior materials will stand the test of time and provide you an exceptional value.

Materials and Construction

The Performer basketball is designed for any surface, indoors or out. Its rubber cover is the most durable and economic choice available, allowing it to withstand routine heavy use day in and day out. A tacky, pebbled cover provides enhanced grip for better control when passing, catching, dribbling, and shooting. The deep pebbling and recessed channels wear better and longer, ensuring the ball keeps it grips even after extended use. Interior nylon windings increase durability and help ensure shape retention, even in the instance where the ball is mistreated. A premium butyl bladder provides superior air retention, keeping the ball fully inflated over a longer period of time. Performer’s rubber cover is moisture resistant, making it a great choice for any conditions and any surface, wet or dry. Gopher’s Performer rubber basketball is a great choice for schools, parks and recreation programs or anyone looking for a great combination of durability and value.

Colors and Sizes

Available in 5 size choices and 7 color options, there is sure to be a Performer ball to match your needs!

Size choices include:

  • Size 3 (22” circumference) – Our smallest ball is great for the youngest of users – preschoolers and kindergarteners.  Older students may know this size as a ‘mini’ ball, great for arcade shooting games or dunking on a mini hoop!
  • Size 4 (25”) – Great ball for skill development in early/lower elementary students.
  • Size 5 (28”) – Slightly larger than the Size 4, this ball is a common size to first introduce the game to young players at the early to middle-elementary levels.
  • Size 6 (28.5”) – Size 6 is the official size for women’s basketball.  It is also commonly used as the competition size for younger boys’ teams, usually up until the junior high age.
  • Size 7 (29.5”) – Size 7 is the men’s official basketball.  It’s used for competition at all levels of high school and up and is typically transitioned to around the junior high age.  Because the transition varies from region to region, please speak to your local coach for specifics.

Color Choices include:

  • Individual balls are available in 7 color choices:  tan, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple.  Choose traditional tan or one of your team colors!
  • Rainbow Sets of 6 make organizing class, practices or recess easy.  Each set of 6 comes with 1 red, 1 orange, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue, and 1 purple ball.

Customize Your Ball!

  • Custom logo Performer balls are now available!  Simply provide us your logo and we’ll take care of the rest!  Custom logo balls are available in Size 6 and Size 7 in your choice of Rainbow Sets or traditional tan. There is a minimum order of 48 balls required (or 8 sets of 6) and customization does require approximately 8 weeks.
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