Permanet™ Basketball Net

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Our strongest outdoor basketball net is constructed of vinyl-sheathed cable so it will never rot or deteriorate!

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Don’t let the elements get the best of your basketball goal netting! This extremely resilient option is designed to be sustainable and safe for your players. It’s a truly optimal solution for outfitting outdoor hoops with the ideal netting for recreational play.

Safe and Strong Design

Designed specifically for use on outdoor hoop systems, you can rely on this netting over the long term to provide you with sustained play. It’s made with cable, wrapped in a protective nylon coating, to provide you with the perfect combination of durability and playability. The weight of the cable prevents swaying or shifting that might occur with wind, while the nylon coating keeps the entire netting free of water and protect from sunlight. The result is a system that won’t rot, dehydrate, or fade with time.

In addition to its inherently protective properties, these outdoor basketball nets are also safe for players. Hands won’t suffer cuts or scrapes as they might on outdoor chain nets, and the weight of the actual netting prevents whiplash from occurring. Your players will always feel safe going up for a rebound or tossing in a layup!


  • While extremely durable, cable is not as abrasive as other outdoor nets made of chain, making it less likely to cuts or scrape players if contact with the net is made.
  • No-tie net is designed for use on all no-tie rims.
  • Official size and design, with 12 loops to attach to the rim.