Premium Steel Change Net

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Heavy-duty welded chain basketball net.

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The premier solution for outdoor hoops, this chain basketball net is infallible in the face of abrasive weather conditions and fast-paced play. Designed to stand up to everything thrown at it, while still providing a reliable solution to capturing and diverting balls through the goal. Also, its safety is unsurpassed by other chain nets, leaving you with peace of mind as your students pick up the pace of play.

Our Best Outdoor Net

The strongest, most reliable, most resilient net we offer for outdoor hoops, you can rely on chain to provide an uncompromising solution to quality play. Featuring 3/16” wire, the chain is light enough and forgiving enough to allow basketballs safe passage through the hoop, yet it offers a tremendous degree of stability that won’t succumb to high winds, heavy rains, UV light, or anything else the outdoors will throw at it.

Despite being made of chain, this net is also safe for students. The system is welded together, with no loose links to prevent any scrapes, cuts, or snags that might harm players as they go up for a big rebound or quick layup.


  • Net forces the ball to drop straight down, as compared to going whichever direction after the shot is made, adding consistency to its path.
  • No-tie net is designed for use on all no-tie rims and upgraded with S hook connectors for even easier attachment!
  • Official size and design, with 12 loops to attach to the rim.
  • Chain is the most durable and longest lasting of the outdoor netting options.
  • Rust-proof galvanized steel chains stand up to the most intense play and abusive weather conditions.