Rawlings EDGE Composite Basketball

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High-quality, tacky game basketball gives players an extra edge.

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With a soft and tacky microfiber composite cover featuring deep channels, this ball has been made to provide players with the ultimate level of control. This is the tackiest and toughest of the Rawlings balls we offer.

Microfiber Basketball

Microfiber is a favorite material of many basketball players as it combines outstanding durability with comfort and softness. Unlike many other balls, it does not need to be broken in to develop a good feel. This ball is for indoor use only.

  • Skived channels add to the unique nature of this ball. These channels are not as deep as other balls in the assortment, and not as noticeable as balls that have been designed for enhanced grip or control because they are molded instead.
  • It can be used for official game play, as it has been approved by the NFHS and NCAA.
  • The ball comes in 2 sizes: Size 6 is meant for women’s games and younger players, while Size 7 is used for men’s games and older players.

Rawlings® EDGE™ Basketball Options

Rawlings® EDGE™ Basketballs are available in 2 sizes.

  • Men’s, Size 7
  • Women’s, Size 6
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