Slipp-Nott® Traction Mats

Removes dust and dirt from shoes for safety, traction, and floor preservation.


Keep your shoes clean for maximum traction on the court and superior safety during fast-paced play. These sticky sheets are simple in their design, yet highly effective at keeping soles and floors free of loose debris. Choose from small or large sizes to fit the age of your class or team! 

Keep Players Safe

These basketball traction mats are designed to remove debris from the bottoms of players’ shoes, to ensure their soles are able to perfectly grip the playing surface at all times. The sticky sheet will grip dirt, dust, and any other debris that may be clinging to a player’s shoes, removing it from play. This method of debris removal also keeps floors cleaner, protecting players on both teams!

Improve Traction

Without a layer of dirt or dust on the bottom of their shoes, players are free to employ fancy footwork and quick movements without fear of landing on the court! With shoes that offer maximum traction, players will be able to drop ankle-breaking jukes, quick cuts to the outside, or step-back jump shots, wowing everyone with superior play!

These traction mats work for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, floor hockey, and virtually any other indoor court game that might be subject to floor contamination.

Simple, Yet Effective

There’s nothing complicated about these shoe-cleaning systems: just step on or walk across and the mat will do the rest. The sticky sheet will trap anything that clings to it, removing it from the bottoms of your shoes so that you don’t drag it back onto the court. When the sheet has accumulated a layer of filter it can easily be ripped off to reveal a clean one underneath!

Slipp-Nott® Traction Mat Options

Slipp-Nott® Traction Mats are available in 2 sizes. Replacement Sheets sold separately.

  • Slipp-Nott® with 60 Sheets, Small
  • Slipp-Nott® with 75 Sheets, Large
  • Replacement Sheets, Small
  • Replacement Sheets, Large


Replacement Sheets, Large

  • Item No: 65-241
  • Unit: Pack of 75
  • In Stock
  • Price: $94.95

Replacement Sheets, Small

  • Item No: 65-229
  • Unit: Pack of 60
  • In Stock
  • Price: $54.95


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