Spalding® Fastbreak 940™ and 960™ Systems

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Wide aluminum-framed backboards have a safe 72" setback.

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Offering our largest setback on a portable unit, these goals work to maximize playing space and safety, while still working to accommodate your entire class. This Spalding® basketball system is easy to move and maneuver when the time comes, yet stands unwaveringly in place once set up for fun!

Supreme Safety

This goal features an enormous 72” setback, making it one of the safest portable systems we offer! With such a tremendous depth between the goal and the post, students will be able to practice closet shots, layups, and rebounds without having to worry about bumping into the base or post of the hoop. In addition to our largest setback depth, students will also be protected during play by front base and post padding, which is 1/2” thicker than most other comparable units. Safety is truly first with this Spalding® basketball system.

  • At its full height of 10', a huge 72" setback keeps the rim out a safe distance from the base. The setback is the distance from the post to the backboard. Longer setbacks increase player safety by reducing the risk of running into the post, but they also require more space.
  • Square steel tubing, although heavier, is stronger than others with round tubing!
  • Full-front base and post padding is 1-1/2" thick foam for superior protection to players from accidental run ins with base and frame. Padding is covered in a non-tearing 14oz black vinyl.
  • Backboard is 3/8" thick acrylic and great for smaller courts. Acrylic offers the same translucent appearance of glass backboards, but weighs far less. It is more durable than graphite, fiberglass, or molded plastic backboards and will offer a truer rebounding action. The backboard is not padded, but instead framed in aluminum for lightweight durability.
  • Official size 5/8" solid steel Spalding® Pro Image™ breakaway rim offers enclosed spring return mechanism.

Adjustable Specifications

Cater to the skill level or age of your students by lowering or raising the height of this hoop to accommodate your class. The goal drops all the way down to 7’H for easier shooting from the free-throw line or three-point marker, and helps students to master their form without having to overexert themselves when throwing the ball. For older or more advanced students, a maximum 10’H gives players a true game feel that will translate onto the court.

Fastbreak 940™ and 960™ Systems come with 2 backboard sizes, to help maximize your available play area. 940™ systems feature a 54”W x 32”H backboard that helps to consolidate the action into a smaller, more succinct playing area. 960™ Systems measure in at 60”W x 36”H, opening up a broader stretch of floor space to accommodate further shots and more room for group shooting drills. Both backboards benefit from the expansive 72” space of the setback!

  • Adjust goal height from 7’ to 10'H in infinite increments. Height marker on back of system shows the height of the hoop.
  • Offers all the same ‘all-in-one’ components of a permanent system, with the added benefit of allowing individuals to play the sport without being limited to a particular court or park like with a fixed basketball hoop.

Portable Stability

The portable nature of these goals isn’t overlooked because of the longer setback! In fact, this Spalding® basketball system is among our most portable options for its size and can be easily folded and carted to and from storage within easy effort. Two sets of wheels make handling easy and reliable as you traverse the path from the storage closet to the gym, and once in place they lock to provide stability. Just add ballast weight to the enclosed compartment for staunch stability and reliability while in use!

  • Unit folds down for compact storage and easier moving.
  • 2 heavy-duty swivel casters on the front and 4 heavy-duty fixed wheels on the rear, under the base, ensure tipping isn’t necessary to roll it in and out of the gym or multipurpose room with ease. Once in place, wheels lock for stability during play.
  • Requires 500 lb of additional ballast weight; weight can be placed in the concealed area within the base of the unit. Ballast weight not included!
  • Assembly required
  • Truck delivery.

Spalding® Fastbreak 940™ and 960™ System Options

Spalding® Fastbreak 940™ and 960™ Systems are available in 2 sizes.

  • Fastbreak 940™ System, 54”W x 32”H; 352 lb
  • Fastbreak 960™ System, 60”W x 36”H; 500 lb
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