Spalding® NBA Tack-Soft™ Competition Basketball

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Tacky and soft basketball cover for exceptional grip and control.

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An exclusive composite cover with a special tacky feel gives shooters and ball handlers the play-making confidence they need. Easily catch, pass, and dribble your way down the court thanks to the greater handling provided by the feel of this ball.

Enhanced Grip

An enhanced coating on this ball provides players with a superior grip, great for taking shots and making fast plays where ball control is crucial. This makes it ideal for fast drills and passing exercises.

  • The premium polyurethane composite cover is durable enough to be used outdoors as well as indoors, while still soft enough to provide an already “broken in” feel for indoor play. This makes it more durable than balls with leather covers.
  • Storage becomes simpler with this ball, as there’s no need to separate it from indoor- or outdoor-only balls.
  • Sizes 6 and 7 cover most users. Size 7 is meant for junior high and up and men’s play, while size 6 is perfect for women’s play and junior high students.

Spalding® NBA Tack-Soft™ Competition Basketball Options

Spalding® NBA Tack-Soft™ Competition Basketballs are available in 2 sizes.

  • Men’s, Size 7
  • Women’s, Size 6
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