Spalding® Recreational Basketball Systems

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A great value, with strut-mounted post for added stability.

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A step up from our entry-level Spalding® Portable Basketball Systems, this hoop combines the prospect of convenient and simple setup with reinforced construction to provide institutions with an intermediate system that’s portable, adjustable, and durable. Two size options give you the ability to match the size of your play area and/or needs of your players.

Superior Durability

As convenient to assemble and use as the Spalding® Portable Basketball System, yet more durable and resilient thanks to heftier construction! The 3-pole construction and setup offer ease of assembly, yet the final construction boasts a staunchness that makes it great for more advanced players, whose shots have more power and purpose behind them.

  • Simple 3-pole construction makes for easy assembly thanks to a small number of parts.
  • Front cover acts as a rebounder during play; no more chasing balls!
  • Wheels on the base allow it to roll in and out of the gym or multipurpose room with ease.
  • Breakaway rim bends slightly for dunking.
  • Official size 5/8" solid steel goal.

Quickly Adjustable

Provide a proper system so everyone is successful in basketball! This hoop meets the demands of players young and old, regardless of skill level, by telescoping from 7’6” to 10’H in an infinite number of increments. In moments teachers can transition from one height to another, cutting down on time spent adjusting other units and eliminating the frustration that can come from students trying to practice on goals that far outstrip them.

  • Adjustable system allows players of all ages and skill levels to play on the same hoop.
  • Telescoping pole with crank handle and "screw jack" lift system easily adjusts goal height from 7’6” to 10'H in infinite increments.
  • Offers all the same ‘all in one’ components of a permanent system, with the added benefit of allowing individuals to play the sport without being limited to a particular court or park like with a fixed basketball hoop.

Two Size Options

  • Choosing the 54”W model shrinks the amount of area needed to get students learning and playing, making it a great option for smaller gyms and areas of limited floor space.
  • 60”W model offers the playability and feel of a regulation backboard, and introduces them to a more competitive setting.
  • Steel-framed backboard provides additional support and stability to protect the backboard.

Both are:

  • Assembly required.
  • Truck delivery.

Spalding® Recreational Basketball System Options

Spalding® Recreational Basketball Systems are available in 2 sizes.

  • 54”W x 32”H, 200 lb
  • 60”W x 32”H, 230 lb
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