Spalding® TF-1000 Legacy Basketball

All the quality features of the TF-1000 Classic, with a softer feel for superb control.


Get the same moisture-managing ZK microfiber composite cover you find in the Classic version of this basketball, but with an upgraded design for a softer touch. Deep channels in the ball provide optimized handling.

Upgraded ZK Composite Cover

The TF-1000 Classic has become extremely popular thanks to its moisture management cover. This ball features that same technology, giving a consistently dry and tacky feel, but also providing a softer touch and even deeper channels. These improvements enhance the control players are able to get with the ball.

  • 100% nylon windings give this ball the maximum structural integrity possible.
  • A rotationally balanced butyl bladder keeps air in the ball for long-lasting consistency in bounces and flight.
  • The ball has been approved for official game and tournament play by the NFHS.
  • Coming in Size 6 and 7, the ball is the perfect size for most players. Size 6 is meant for younger players and official women’s play, while Size 7 is meant for official men’s play and older players.

Spalding® TF-1000 Legacy Basketball Options

Spalding® TF-1000 Legacy Basketballs are available in 2 sizes.

  • Men’s, Size 7
  • Women’s, Size 6
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