Spalding TF-250 Composite Basketball

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All-surface introductory ball provides great performance in any setting.

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Achieve the ultimate in versatility with this indoor/outdoor ball, which has been designed for superior durability and handling.

Great Practice Ball

Thanks to an economic composite cover and butyl bladder, which provides outstanding air retention for consistent true play, this ball is the perfect choice for practice. It makes drills like reverse dribbling and bank shots much easier to practice. It is also an excellent choice for recess games and ball camps. Thanks to its fair price point and longevity, this is the best entry-level ball we offer.

  • Because this is an indoor/outdoor ball, there’s no need to separate it from outdoor-only playground balls. This makes storage a lot easier!
  • A composite cover makes this ball softer than leather and provides an already “broken in” feel ideal for indoor play. This also provides a grip that is ideal for passing and shooting.
  • The middle layer of the ball is made of 100% polyester windings, which insulate the area between the outside ball cover and the inner bladder. This design adds to the durability, shape retention, and overall longevity of the ball.
  • The ball’s inner core is a 30% butyl bladder, made of natural and 30% butyl rubber, ideal for harder services. Such a bladder makes for better air and shape retention, especially compared to latex alternatives.
  • At Sizes 6 and 7, the ball is a perfect fit for most users. Size 7 is meant for older players and men’s games, while Size 6 is meant for younger players and women’s games. An additional Junior Size 5 is perfect for the youngest players.

Spalding® TF-250™ Basketball Options

Spalding® TF-250™ Basketballs are available in two sizes.

  • Men’s, Size 7
  • Women’s, Size 6
  • Junior, Size 5 
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