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Supra™ Rubber Basketballs

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At 25% lighter, these easy-to-handle trainers help kids learn proper form and achieve success!

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No more struggling to get the ball to the hoop! Weighing 25% less than standard balls of the same sizes, these trainers are perfect for young students learning the skills of basketball. They are also less intimidating, which helps players find earlier success as beginners.

Lighter Weight, Easier Shot!

Students won’t need to put as much “oomph” into their shots to get the ball into the basketball hoop, thanks to the significantly lighter weight of this ball!

  • The rubber cover makes this ball a sensible choice for schools and parks and rec programs, as it is able to withstand heavy, tough usage on pavement and asphalt. It has also been designed to withstand regular contact with moisture.
  • A tacky grip on the surface makes it easier for players to catch, shoot, pass, and dribble.
  • Nylon windings wrap around the butyl bladder, maintaining the shape of the ball and improving durability. The bladder prevents air from leaking out, so the ball always flies and bounces the same.
  • At Sizes 5 through 7, there are plenty of options for students of all ages and sizes.

Supra™ Rubber Basketball Options

Supra™ Rubber Basketballs are available in 3 sizes in Rainbow® Sets of 6 and individually in tan.

  • Quantity/Color
    • Rainbow® Sets of 6
    • Individual Tan
  • Size
    • Size 5, Junior
    • Size 6, Intermediate
    • Size 7, Official
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