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UltraPlay™ Rubber Basketballs

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Our best rubber ball is softer and easier to control!

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Engineered for performance with an exclusive soft-touch cover and deep pebbled channels, this ball has a tacky grip that provides better control than any other rubber basketball you’ll find. The high-end texture feels and handles similar to a composite ball.

Durable Play

Finally, you can get a rubber ball that’s built to handle tough indoor and outdoor play, day in and day out! With a double-layered rubber construction, this ball will hold up longer than any other standard rubber ball. Its premium design allows the ball to hold air and keep its shape longer than all other rubber balls. An innovative soft-touch cover provides it with the premium feel and performance of a more expensive composite ball.

Colorful Learning

The ball is available in several color options. Rainbow® Sets of 6 balls give teachers a chance to group students into different drills according to ball color. Students with red balls, for example, could work on dribbling, while students with green balls work on shooting. Balls are also available individually in tan, which looks more like an official basketball.

UltraPlay™ Rubber Basketball Options

UltraPlay™ Rubber Basketballs are available in sets of 6 or individually, in 3 sizes.

  • Color/Quantity
    • Rainbow® Sets of 6
    • Individual Tan
  • Sizes
    • Size 5, Junior
    • Size 6, Intermediate
    • Size 7, Official
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