Wilson Jet Competition Composite Basketball

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Introductory competition basketball features Cushion Core Technology™ for improved control and a soft feel.

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A premium cover and cushioned liner combine to provide an exceptional feel and a soft touch. Get better control over the ball thanks to deeper channels and pebbling.

Outstanding Indoor Play

Deep channels and heavy pebbling provide better grip for more consistent indoor play. The ball has deeper channels even than other Wilson balls, which creates better control for passing, shooting, and dribbling. Even though it’s an introductory game ball, it still provides players with outstanding feel and durability.

  • Cushion Core Technology found in this ball provides a low-density sponge rubber and ultra durable butyl rubber for better softness and overall feel. This is important when passing, catching, and shooting, as it helps the player stay comfortable and confident.
  • This is the highest-quality microfiber composite cover available, providing the ultimate in performance.
  • The ball has been approved for official game play by the NFHS and NCAA.
  • At two sizes (6 and 7), the ball comes in a size for most users. Size 6 is typically used for official women’s play and for younger players, while Size 7 is used for official men’s play and older players.

Wilson® Jet™ Competition Basketball Options

Wilson® Jet™ Competition Basketballs are available in 2 sizes.

  • Men’s, Size 7
  • Women’s, Size 6
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