Wilson Jet Pro Composite Basketball

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Durable composite basketball features deep pebbling in the channels for outstanding control.

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Give yourself a better grip and easier ball handling, with a softer overall touch! The interior of this ball has been rotationally wound for consistent shape retention.

Indoors and Outdoors

This ball has been designed for both indoor and outdoor play. As a result, there’s no need to separate indoor balls from playground or outdoor balls!

  • Benefitting from Cushion Core Technology, this ball features a low-density sponge rubber and an ultra-durable butyl rubber bladder, which provides both outstanding softness and long-lasting air retention for consistent play.
  • Composite pebbled laid-in channels enhance the ball’s grip and overall control.
  • The composite cover is perfect for any level of the game play and able to handle any surface. It is tougher than leather, yet soft enough to still have a “broken in” feel.
  • Available in Sizes 6 and 7, it is perfect for players of most ages and sizes. Size 6 tends to be used in official women’s play and in games with younger players, while Size 7 is ideal for older players and official men’s play.

Wilson® Jet™ Pro Basketball Options

Wilson® Jet™ Pro Basketballs are available in 2 sizes.

  • Men’s, Size 7
  • Women’s, Size 6
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