Wilson NCAA Legend Composite Basketball

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A basketball with quality construction versatile enough for any style of play.

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A dual-tone composite cover provides outstanding durability to this basketball. Its bounce and feel is made consistent thanks to a premium rubber core and deep channel design.

Dual-Tone Cover

Combine the benefits of composite rubber and PVC for the ultimate in feel and tack with the durability to stand up to both indoor and outdoor use. This ball is a favorite for pick-up games, as it features an excellent grip thanks in large part to its wider-than-average channels.

  • Because the ball is able to be used both indoors and out, there’s no need to keep it separate in storage from your playground or outdoor-only balls.
  • A butyl bladder ensures constant and consistent air retention for game after game, especially compared to balls that feature latex bladders, which tend to leak air.
  • Two sizes make this ball a perfect fit for most players. Size 6 is for younger players and women’s games, while Size 7 is for older players and men’s games.

Wilson® NCAA® Legend™ Basketball Options

Wilson® NCAA® Legend™ Basketballs are available in 2 sizes.

  • Men’s, Size 7
  • Women’s, Size 6
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