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DuraSkin Bolt-On Backboard Padding
GARED Glass Conversion Backboard
GARED Collegiate Glass Backboard
GARED Steel Fan-Shaped Backboards
GARED Rectangular Steel Backboards
SafePro Bolt-On Backboard Padding
GARED Aluminum Fan-Shaped Backboards
Bison Unbreakable Glass Backboard
Spalding EZ Bolt Backboard Padding
GARED Fiberglass Backboards
Bison Unbreakable Polycarbonate Backboards
GARED Aluminum Framed Glass Backboard
GARED Outdoor Glass Backboard
GARED Rectangular Acrylic Backboards
Spalding Fiberglass Backboard
Spalding SuperGlass Conversion Backboard
Spalding SuperGlass Collegiate Backboard

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From PE to varsity level, buy an outstanding basketball backboard from Gopher Sport!

Ensure each shot is played with dependable basketball backboards and rims, designed for indoor or outdoor play. Ranging from elementary use to pro competition, we offer a large selection of options in acrylic, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass backboards in rectangular or fan shapes. You are bound to find the one to suit the needs of your class, team, and rec program basketball. A wall-mounted basketball hoop is also a good choice for day-to-day play and working on fundamental shots.

Which Backboard is Right for Me?

  • Shape
    • Rectangular: The backboard of choice for high school, college, and pro competition, in official 72”W x 42”H or 72”W x 48”H sizes. Provides more room for play and bank shots than fan-shaped backboards.
    • Fan-Shaped: A streamlined, noncompetition backboard often used for side courts and where space is at a premium. Doesn’t offer as much space for bank shots as rectangular boards.
  • Material
    • Glass: The choice for high school, college, and pro competition. Superior performer for rebounding and durability; approximately four times as heavy as acrylic. Mass and material dissipates nearly all vibrations. Indoor/outdoor use.
    • Acrylic: Provides the clean look of glass without the expense. Thicker acrylic equals better play. Heavier framing around board (aluminum or steel) improves rebounding characteristics. The next best alternative to glass backboards. Indoor/outdoor use.
    • Steel: A durable choice, especially for outdoor and side courts. Does not have the playability and rebounding capabilities as other materials but does have the longevity and strength. Indoor/outdoor use.
    • Aluminum: Tough, rustproof, and lightest in weight but does not have the true playability of other options. A good choice for recreational and outdoor use.
    • Fiberglass: Offers a superior rebound similar to glass and acrylic. Lighter than steel. Great choice for day-to-day play. Indoor/outdoor use.

Find the best backboard for your court from Gopher!