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Shop the best selection of premium indoor and outdoor basketballs from Gopher Sport!

From top-of-the-line balls that the pros use to collegiate play and kids’ basketballs, we offer more options for schools and programs to be successful. Our carefully chosen array of basketballs for sale is the highest quality available and features options for every age or level.

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Composite Basketballs
  • Without a doubt the most popular practice and game ball.
  • Offers an excellent grip and a soft, broken-in feel.
  • High-end microfiber composites are used indoors only and provide a tackier, softer feel, moisture absorption, and better performance.
  • More economical composites use materials that hold up well outdoors but don't offer a soft feel.
  • For junior high through college competition.
Rubber Basketballs
  • The most durable, economical choice.
  • Withstands routine use on pavement and contact with moisture, making it best suited for outdoor use.
  • Great for beginners, PE, practice, and the playground.

Size 3

22" circumference


Size 4

25" circumference

Lower Elementary

Size 5

28" circumference


Size 6

28½" circumference

Jr. High & Up/Women

Size 7

29½" circumference

Jr. High & Up/Men