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Ultra-Durable Nylon Basketball Net
Nylon Anti-Whip Basketball Net
Steel Chain Basketball Net
Heavyweight Cotton Basketball Net
Spalding Super Net
Polyester Indoor Basketball Net
Premium Steel Chain Net
GARED Web Nylon Basketball Net

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Buy basketball nets for Physical Education classes and team sports from Gopher Sport!

Students and athletes can shoot for the perfect swoosh through Gopher's basketball hoop nets. Unique net options add durability and style to the court, inside or out. For PE classes, nylon basketball nets are ideal for daily use at multiple ability levels. For long-lasting use, versatile anti-whip basketball nets lack seams that may become frail over time. From budget-conscious polyester nets to a web nylon net, Gopher has you covered.

In need of nets that go beyond the gym? Gopher’s outdoor basketball nets stand up to wind, water, and UV light using chains that are tough and ready for rugged use.

Browse our basketball net collection and purchase the best net for your next PE class or game.