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AlleyOop™ Goals

AlleyOop™ Goals

Bison® Wall-Mount Removable-Goal Basketball Systems
Bison® Max™ Portable Basketball Hoop Systems
ClassicPlus™ Systems
Spalding® Portable Basketball System
Goalsetter® MVP™ Adjustable Basketball Systems
Lace-Up Post Pads

Lace-Up Post Pads

ClassicPro™ Systems
Spalding® The Beast™ Basketball System
Bison® Qwik-Change™ Basketball Shooting Station
Bison® Post Pads

Bison® Post Pads

Gared® Rear-Mount Systems
Classic Systems

Classic Systems

Spalding® Arena-Style Basketball System
Spalding® Arena® Portable Systems
Spalding® Recreational Basketball Systems
AlleyOop™ Assist™ Basketball Goal
Spalding® Fastbreak 930™ Basketball System
Bison® ZipCrank™ Height Adjustment Basketball Systems
Gared® Micro-Z Portable Basketball System
Spalding® Hercules® Portable Basketball System
Bison® Elementary Basketball Hoop
Goalsetter® Adjustable Wall-Mount Basketball Systems
Bison® Heavy-Duty™ Systems
Bison® Telescoping Basketball Systems
Gared HoopMaster LT Portable Basketball System
Bison® T-Rex Arena™ Portable Basketball System
Bison® T-Rex™ Portable Basketball Systems
Gared® E-Z Mini Roll-Around Basketball System
Gared Straight Post Basketball Systems
Bison® Club Court Portable Basketball Systems
Spalding Arena View Adjustable Basketball Systems
Spalding® Fastbreak 940™ and 960™ Systems
Gared Collegiate Jam Adjustable Basketball System
Gared Endurance Double Board Playground Basketball System
Bison® Mega-Duty Basketball Systems

Shop for portable and permanent basketball hoops at Gopher Sport for use in schools and rec centers!

From adult to kids’ basketball hoops, Gopher’s large assortment of systems will meet the needs of your programs.

Portable basketball systems are great options for PE classes and multipurpose spaces. Easily set them up before classes or games, then roll them back to storage after the final whistle. These indoor options help teachers and rec program directors save floor space.

Inground systems are ideal for outdoor courts or other spaces dedicated to basketball. Choose from fixed-height systems with little maintenance, or an adjustable basketball hoop to change the height based on the abilities of players.

Outfit your gym or playground with basketball systems from Gopher!