Duck Down™ Bowling Set

Take a “quack” at this spin on traditional bowling!


These shorter, stouter duckpin bowling pins add a fun, new challenge to traditional 10-pin bowling! Each pin is weighted to mimic the feel of a real duckpin bowling game. An included 5” dia ball helps size down the game even more for younger students’ hands while adding another level of difficulty for older players.

A Fun, New Challenge

Smaller balls fit better into the hands of young students, but also create an entirely new type of bowling experience for students of all ages! Players must be more precise with the smaller ball to be able to knock the shorter pins over! Players bowl up to 10 frames, with each frame consisting of up to 3 rolls.

Not only is the ball smaller in diameter, but it is also much lighter, coming in at only 3.6 oz. The pins are more than a third smaller than average pins at 9½”H and 4 oz. Again, the smaller size creates more of a challenge; however, all pins are still weighted to mimic the feel of a real duckpin.

Plenty of Game Options

Each set comes with 10 Duck Down™ Pins, 3 foam balls, a VersaBag™ Mesh Bag, and activity instructions. These instructions include details about how to play Duck Down™ Bowling, as well as other game variations. For example, students are allowed only 2 throws per frame instead of 3. Teachers can also change the lane length or require students to bounce the ball down the lane rather than rolling it.

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