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EnormaSport™ JUMBowl™ Pack


Ball and pins are 33% larger for enormous fun!

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Bigger pins, bigger excitement! The plastic ball and pins in this set are 33% larger than the standard plastic sets but still light enough that anyone can use them! Two sets of 3-finger hole patterns fit a variety of finger and hand sizes. Included are durable polyester bags, which are ideal for carrying and identifying practice balls or other equipment.

Larger and Easier

Because these giant plastic bowling pins are larger than standard pins, students have a bigger target to aim at which increases their success of hitting it. Using the larger diameter ball, students have a higher chance of not only hitting the pins, but more of them, which is a great confidence booster. As a result, this set is ideal for younger students who are just learning the game, as well as for students with special needs.

Though the ball is oversized, it is still very light. It also includes 2 sets of 3-finger hole patterns to give students options of what fits their hands the best.

  • Pins: 20”H, 11½ oz
  • Balls: 11” dia, 1½ lb

Durable Plastic Construction

Both the pins and ball are made of a lightweight plastic that is safe for use on all types of floors. The pins do not leave marks when they fall over, and the ball is not heavy enough to make any indentations on harder floors.

The plastic itself is also not damaged when the ball is dropped or when the pins are knocked over. Thanks to this durable construction, the entire set is able to stand up to years of institutional use and abuse.

Excellent Versatility

Teachers have the choice to get either a complete Rainbow® Pack with 60 pins (10 of each color), 6 balls (1 of each color), 6 storage bags (each holds 1 set) and activity instructions. Individual Sets of 1 ball and 10 pins in a single Rainbow® color without the bags or instructions.

The activity instructions include other bowling game variations for more variety in your unit, as well as instructions for how to keep score in standard bowling. The multiple colors allow teachers to easily divide students into groups or get separate games running all at once.

EnormaSport™ JUMBowl™ Options

EnormaSport™ JUMBowl™ is available in a Rainbow® Pack or Individual Rainbow® Sets.

  • Rainbow® Pack. Includes 1 Set in each Rainbow® color (6 balls and 60 pins), 6 XL VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bags, and activity instructions.
  • Individual Rainbow® Sets. Includes 1 ball and 10 pins.
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    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
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