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QuickFrame™ Premium Bowling Pack

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Quickly set up a premium bowling lanes almost anywhere!

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These convenient bowling sets for kids include everything you need to set up a game for your gym class! It includes a realistic, heavyweight carpet that simulates an actual bowling lane, as well as weighted pins, a rubber ball, pin setup templates, and more!

Full Bowling Set

Our premium bowling carpet marks out accurate lane dimensions while creating a flat surface for students, enabling them to get a true roll that helps them develop essential skills.

The 1-Lane pack includes 10 UltraPin™ Weighted Pins, a 5 lb bowling ball, a pin corral, a score pad and a bowling pin template. With all of this high-quality equipment combined into 1 pack, this is the best, most complete bowling set we offer!

Multiple Options

Choose the single 1-Lane pack for small groups or individual games. The 4-Lane is ideal for larger classes or schools and not only includes 4x the equipment, but also a Magnus™ Bowling Cart, which enables easy storage and transportation of all included equipment!

1-Lane includes:

4-Lane quadruples the quantities listed above and adds:

QuickFrame™ Premium Bowling Pack Options

QuickFrame™ Premium Bowling Packs are available in 2 sets:

  • 1-Lane
  • 4-Lane