Rainbow® PinStop™ Bowling Pin Corrals

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Bowling pin corrals colorfully confine your bowling pins and other equipment to 1 area.

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Set up lanes anywhere and eliminate the problem of runaway balls and pins. These corrals are perfect for designating lanes or organizing groups, games, and more by Rainbow® colors.

Convenient for Classes

Students will no longer waste activity time running all over the gym to collect their pins! These corrals keep the pins in 1 place when they are knocked down while also keeping the ball from rolling away. In the time it takes an average student team to bowl and set up the pins 5 times, another student using this pin corral can do the same routine 8 times!

Excellent Versatility

These corrals can be used anywhere to set up lanes, and are especially useful in maximizing the lack of space available in smaller gyms. Use them to quickly create dividers between multiple courts or activities in 1 space. They can also be used to capture equipment for other games beyond bowling. They are great for relays, soccer goals, and more!

Bright Rainbow® colors easily organize lanes by color and can be paired with corresponding equipment! Separate blue corrals are ideal for individual games or smaller activities.

Outstanding Design

Movable arms extend 36” long on each side to accommodate any pin set and allow for setup in seconds. Each arm easilys folds in and lays flat for compact storage and easily fit on storage carts. Each corral has a 12"H to keep pins and balls contained.

At 11 lb, the corrals are light enough that students can easily carry them to their lane or back to the storage area when class is over. Durable vinyl with ¾” diameter powder-coated steel frames ensures long-lasting construction. Velcro® ends make for easy tightening of the vinyl walls.

Rainbow® PinStop™ Bowling Pin Corral Options

Rainbow® PinStop™ Bowling Pin Corrals are available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or Individually.

  • Rainbow® Set
  • Individual Blue