Rainbow® Striker™ Rubber Bowling Balls

Strike it big with the most durable, hollow rubber bowling ball available!


The strongest molded-rubber ball we have available resists splitting or cracking, unlike others on the market. Its hollow construction allows it to “flex” when dropped, which contributes to its durability and safety, allowing it to be used for years to come!

Outstanding Durability

A common issue with many other rubber balls is that they split or crack after repeated use. This ball, however, is made from the strongest molded rubber and constructed with a hollow interior. Having a hollow construction allows the ball to flex when it is dropped and rolled on hard floors so it absorbs impact rather than splitting.

This construction also makes the ball safe to use on a variety of floors as it will not leave marks or indentations when dropped.

Great for Young Students

The quality design and enhanced durability have the added benefit of ensuring a straight roll every single time. Rubber balls play truer than foam balls because they bounce less and roll better, which increases the success of beginners and younger students making contact with pins.

Each ball has 2 sets of 3-finger hole patterns to accommodate multiple hand sizes. Now each student will have a ball that properly fits them!

Multiple Options

The Striker™ is offered in 3 lb, 4 lb, and 5 lb options. Multiple weights allow each student to have the right size ball, or teachers can simply pick the 1 size that is best for the entire class. The 3 lb option is particularly ideal for younger students who are learning proper technique; 4 lb is great for all ages; and 5 lb is specifically for older students who can handle a slightly heavier balls.

Rainbow® Striker™ Rubber Bowling Ball Options

Rainbow® Striker™ Rubber Bowling Balls are available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or Individually in 3 weights.

  • Rainbow® Set
    • 3 lb
  • Individual Balls
    • 3 lb, Red
    • 4 lb, Blue
    • 5 lb, Green
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