Rainbow® UltraPin™ Weighted Bowling Pins

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Brightly-colored pins are weighted without sand for less mess!

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For more realistic pin action, get a hold of these weighted plastic bowling pins that stay put and react like standard pins! Made of durable polyethylene, these pins are designed to last for gym classes long into the future.

Weighted and Durable

Our weighted pins are more durable than other similar weighted plastic pins, because there is no sand used to fill and weight these pins. Instead, they are weighted with additional plastic on the interior of the base to provide that extra stability without the possibility of the pin breaking open and sand spilling out. This extra weight allows for the pins to react realistically when they are hit and makes it slightly more challenging, as it takes slightly more force to knock them over.

Rainbow® Colors

Teachers have the option to get a Rainbow® Set of 60 pins (10 pins in each of the 6 Rainbow® colors) to equip their entire class. Too many pins? Then order Individual Rainbow® Sets of 10 to create smaller-sized individual games.

These individual sets also allow teachers to color coordinate pins with other games. For example, teachers can get 3 sets of red pins and 3 sets of blue pins to create full-class team games where the entire class is divided into 2 large teams.

Additional Accessories

Each set of 10 pins comes with a score pad so students can manually keep their scores. They also feature a bowling pin template for quick and accurate pin placement when setting up a game.

Rainbow® UltraPin™ Weighted Bowling Pin Options

Rainbow® UltraPin™ Weighted Bowling Pins are available in Rainbow® Sets of 60 or Individual Sets of 10.

  • Rainbow® Set. Includes 10 pins in each Rainbow® color
  • Individual Rainbow® Sets. Include 10 pins.
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
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