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Team PinGuard™ Set


Students run, jump, and throw in this heart-pumping, action-packed team game.

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Teach teamwork, agility, targeting, and dodging skills as teams of 15 or more compete to knock down their opponents’ pins while protecting their own. Each set includes 12 foam dodgeballs, 20 foam-coated pins, a VersaBag™ mesh storage bag, and activity instructions for four exciting games. All of the equipment comes in bright and exciting Screamin’ colors, which your students are certain to love!

Screamin’ Colors

Available in Screamin’ Orange® and Green®, these bright colors add to the excitement of PinBlitz activities and get students energized for Physical Eduction class. These games require a lot of energy from students, and there’s just something about bright, wacky colors that gets kids pumped up and ready to have a great time!

The colors also make it easy for teachers to divide students into groups. These are several team games in one package, so teachers can quickly divide students into orange or green teams to get going. The colors also help with setting the game up, as you can quickly determine how many of each item you have and need to set up in specific game zones.

Four Game Ideas

Each set includes 4 great game ideas!

Team PinGuard: Students divide into 2 teams and split the gym in half. One side of the gym is the Orange side and the other the Green side. Students roll foam balls in attempt to knock down the other teams pins. In this game, no players are eliminated, so it is great for all ages and abilities.

Neutral Zone PinGuard: In this game, the playing area is divided into 3 sections, 2 are team sections, and in the middle is a "nuetural" zone. Students may enter the neutral zone to collect balls, but may not throw/roll balls from this zone. The object of the game is to knock down the opposing teams pins. Players can be eliminated if they are hit by the opposite team in the lower leg. They then shag balls and return them to remaining players on their team. The game ends when all of the pins are knocked down on one teams side.

Four Zone Battle: In this game, the playing area is divided into 4 sections (same as the neutral zone game, only the neutral zone is divided into 2 "center zones" – 1 per each team. In this game, the players in the center zones attempt to knock the other teams pins down and the players in the end zones attempt to protect their pins and shag balls to return to their teammates in the center zone. Players are not eliminated in this game. Play is complete when 1 team knocks down all of their pins.

Orange/Green Pin Battle: The gym is split into 2 equal sections and all of the pins are placed on the center line. Students must stay behind a designated line. Students roll their balls in attempt to knock down the other teams’ pins, while keeping theirs upright. The first team to knock down all of the other teams’ pins wins.

Each Team PinGuard™ Set includes 12 soft foam 6.3" dia dodgeballs (6 ea Screamin' Orange® and Screamin' Green®), 20 coated-foam pins (10 ea Screamin' Orange® and 10 Screamin' Green®), a VersaBag™ mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.


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