Team Bowling™ Set


Color-coordinated pins and balls for a variety of fun activities!

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Get all the equipment you need to allow teams of students to compete in bowling activities that establish and reinforce addition, point value concepts, and more. Team lanes are set up, and colored pins with point values are used for each activity.

Numerous Game Options

Add a variety of games into your bowling unit. The multiple colors in each set make it easy for teachers to establish different point values for each color pin, which adds in learning opportunities to reinforce students’ math skills. Each set includes activity instructions with a wide variety of twists on traditional bowling while still helping students to work on their basic bowling techniques. All of these activities can involve large groups of students in open gym spaces.

One game example included in the instructions is called Scatter Pin Bowling. In this game, all 60 pins are set up across the gym in random locations. Students are split into teams, with 1 student bowling, 1 retrieving the ball, and 1 sweeping up knocked over pins. The objective is to have the student who is bowling knock down other teams’ colored pins. When they successfully do so, the team pin sweeper clears off the knocked down pins while the retriever goes to return the ball. Students rotate positions after every throw to get everyone involved. Once a team’s pins are all knocked down, they are out. The game continues until only 1 team is left.

Though the set was designed primarily for non-traditional bowling games, all of the equipment you need for traditional bowling is included! All equipment is easily stored by color and transported in the included storage bags.

Set includes:

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