Tuff Stryke™ Bowling Sets

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This semi-firm foam bowling set is our toughest yet!

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A semi-firm foam shell over a polyurethane foam core make these our most durable foam pins! The entire foam bowling set is tough enough to endure strike after strike!

Safe, Durable Design

A semi-firm foam shell paired with foam create tremendous durability in a lightweight set! Despite a foam core, the shell on these balls and pins provides a truer, more realistic roll and pin reaction when struck. This surface also won’t peel away, exposing foam that students can pick at or will absorb water or dirt.

Multiple Options

Each ball features 2 sets of 3-finger hole patterns, which are meant to fit a wide variety of hand and finger sizes. Because of this, students of all ages are able to easily use these balls.

Balls measure 8½” in dia while the pins are 15”H, which are regulation size. This provides a real feel for students and makes progression to an official set easy!

Teachers have numerous size options with these sets. Choose a set of 10 pins alone or with a 1 lb, 2½ lb, or 5 lb ball. Balls are also sold separately. With so many options, it’s easy to choose the right weight and set to match each class’s age and ability!

Tuff Stryke™ Bowling Set Options

Tuff Stryke™ Bowling Sets are available in 4 Set options. Individual Balls also sold separately.

Bowling Sets

  • Pin Set Only (No Ball)
  • Pin Set w/ 1 lb ball
  • Pin Set w/ 2½ lb ball
  • Pin Set w/ 5 lb ball

Individual Balls

  • 1 lb, Red
  • 2½ lb, Blue
  • 5 lb, Green
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