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UltraPin™ Bowling Sets

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Get in the fast lane to realistic, gym-friendly bowling!

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Built to last game after game, these durable 15”H plastic bowling pins are the perfect selection for introductory bowling units. Sets include 10 pins, a pin setup template, and score pad to get games set up quickly and students rolling strikes!

High-Quality Design

Choose from 2 options – Weighted and Nonweighted pins! Additional plastic has been added to the interior of each Weighted pin, rather than sand, so there’s no mess if the pin breaks open! The additional weight allows the pin to react more realistically when hit. The Nonweighted pins are great for younger students as they are less stable. At 15” tall and 9.3 oz (7.3 oz for unweighted), these pins replicate the size of official bowling pins so students of all ages can quickly progress to “real” pins.

Easy Setup

This lightweight, easy-to-transport set with included pin setup template allow teachers to set up almost anywhere in their gym or school—no bowling alley required! This provides schools and organizations with the flexibility to set up multiple lanes anywhere you can without having to leave your school to go to a bowling alley.

Each set of 10 pins comes with a score pad so students can learn how to manually track their scores, as well as a bowling pin template for quick and accurate pin placement.

UltraPin™ Bowling Set Options

UltraPin™ Bowling Sets are available in Weighted or Nonweighted Sets. Basic Sets include 10 pins. Deluxe Sets add a ball.

  • Pin Type
    • Nonweighted
    • Weighted
  • Sets
    • Basic, No Ball
    • Deluxe, 3 lb Ball
    • Deluxe, 4 lb Ball
    • Deluxe, 5 lb Ball
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