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UltraPin™ Multicolored Bowling Sets

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Multiple colors are great to incorporate in other activities!

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The variety of colors in each plastic bowling set makes these pins versatile for use in both in bowling games and other activities. No sand inside each pin means no mess if they crack or break open!

Multiple Colors and Activity Ideas

Add a twist to your bowling unit thanks to the multiple colors in each set of 10 pins. Use them for traditional bowing games, dividing teams/games by colors. Or, easily create different scoring systems? teacher can assign different point values to each color pin in 1 game. Finally, teachers can set up pins in a certain way and instruct students to aim for a certain color. Visual instructional like this is a great way to teach new bowlers and incorporate math, color recognition, and more!

High-Quality Construction

UltraPin? Multicolored Sets come in 2 options. Unlike others on the market, our Weighted pins are made with extra plastic in the base rather than sand. This means that if the pins do happen to crack or break open, sand will not spill out everywhere and create a mess on your gym floor. Nonweighted pins create an easy target for younger students. Pins measure 15" tall and 9.3 oz (7.3 oz for Nonweighted), replicating the actual size of official pins so it's easy for everyone to progress to the "real thing."

UltraPin? Multicolored Bowling Set Options

UltraPin? Multicolored Bowling Sets are available in Weighted and Nonweighted Sets with 10 pins and with or without a ball.

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    • With No Ball
    • With 3 lb Ball
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