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DOM Broomball Sets
Acacia Elite-Pro Wood Broomball Set & Pack
UltraSoft Jr. Broomball
Complete Broomball Pack
Acacia Deluxe Aluminum Set & Pack
Acacia King Official Broomball
Acacia Official Broomball
Xtend-a-Goal Adjustable Goal

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Buy broomball equipment for physical education classes from Gopher Sport!

Gopher broomball gear provides physical education teachers and coaches with supplies for students of all ages.

Durable construction and advanced versatility makes our broomball equipment and accessories suitable for everyday use in physical education classes, from elementary through high school. For beginners, extra-safe equipment encourages technique and fundamental skill development in student athletes without fear of injury. For more advanced players, deluxe sets pack power and lightweight strength into drives to the net.

If you are searching for a solution to quickly get the entire class up and moving, our convenient packs with goals contain enough equipment to quickly set up a game during PE classes.

Shop for broomball gear today!