Acacia® Deluxe Aluminum Set & Pack

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Our highest-quality brooms with tough, lightweight aluminum shafts.

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Featuring a durable, light, and easy to maneuver aluminum shaft, the highest quality broomball set we provide is meant for heavy usage.

Highest-Quality Brooms

The Acacia® Deluxe Aluminum features a lightweight oval octagonal aluminum shaft with precise edges for added grip. Its durable head features cobalt-coated rubber with a textured surface that gives students total control over the ball. Each stick is extremely durable due to their construction, yet still lightweight enough for students to easily maneuver around the playing area with them.

Because of their length and materials, these sticks are especially designed for middle and high school students, as well as recreational play for older players. They come in official size, at 46.5” long and 22.9 oz.

Convenient Sets and Packs

Teachers have options to equip their class. The sticks are available in 12-player sets or individually to help teachers get the exact amount they need. Additionally, sticks are available in a ClassPlus™ 24-player pack that also includes a pair of official indoor broomballs and a storage bag to hold all the equipment for easy storage and transportation.

Acacia® Deluxe Aluminum Options

Acacia® Deluxe Aluminum is available in a set or pack. Individual Broom sold separately.

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks.
  • ClassPlus™ 24-Player Pack. Includes 24 sticks, 2 indoor balls, and 1 storage bag.
  • Individual Broom
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