Acacia® Elite-Pro Wood Broomball Set & Pack

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Traditional institutional-quality brooms with a smooth, no-splinter shaft.

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A sanded and finished surface gives this wooden broomball stick a smooth and splinter-free grip. Convenient sets and packs allow you to get all the equipment you need to get your game of broomball going, regardless of class size.

Durable Wooden Design

The Acacia® Elite Pro Wood broomball stick features an extremely durable wood shaft that has been sanded and finished to provide all users with a smooth grip without fear of splinters. This means students can easily slide their bottom control hand to multiple positions on the shaft for passing, shooting, and stickhandling. The shaft measures 1-1/8” dia and is shaved flat on 2 sides, allowing it to flex when pushed on. Such a flex helps students achieve better ball control while also adding velocity to their shots. The rubber head comes in 2 colors, so you can easily split your students into teams.

Each stick is designed for more advanced players. Some broomball players prefer wood shafts over aluminum, and this particular design is perfect for students at upper elementary and older ages. The length is an official 46.5”L, with the stick weighing 25.6 oz.

Acacia® Elite-Pro Wood Broomball Options

Acacia® Elite-Pro Wood Broomball is available in a set or pack. Individual Brooms sold separately.

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks (6 ea Red, Black).
  • ClassPlus™ 24-Player Pack. Includes 24 sticks (12 ea Red, Black), 2 Acacia® Official indoor broomballs, and 1 storage bag.
  • Individual Broom
    • Red
    • Black
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