DOM® Broomball Sets

Extra-safe and durable foam broom construction.


Made with beginners in mind, these sets contain broomball sticks that have polyurethane foam heads molded into the shaft for added durability. Each set contains everything you need to get broomball games started in your class.

Everything Needed to Play

The ClassPlus™ 24-Player Pack has enough equipment to get broomball games set up in your class. Here’s what it includes:

  • Two durable PVC goals, which make it easy to score points without having to chase down the ball every time a goal is scored (like when cones are used as goals).
  • 12 lightweight sticks (6 orange, 6 yellow for easy team identification)
  • Two broomballs: a 4” dia polyvinyl ball that is lightweight and made for beginners, and an Acacia Official broomball that measures 5.5” dia and is made of a condensed rubber for durable, long-lasting play indoors and out.

Choose from a 12-player set with 12 sticks and a ball, or a ClassPlus™ 24-player pack with 24 sticks, 4 balls (two of each type) and a storage back to store and transport it all. Also available are individual brooms in orange and yellow to help teachers get the exact amount of brooms they need for their class size.

Made for Beginners

The brooms are designed with younger students and beginners in mind. Super safe heads are molded directly into the shaft to prevent them from breaking apart. They are made of Skinex, a form of polyurethane that covers a spongy core with a flexible outer shell. This material does not wear or peel away, and also keeps the head from marring or damaging floors.

The length (37”) is also perfect for younger students and is much shorter than official-length sticks. Flat heads and rounded edges make for easier ball control during gameplay. Each shaft is reinforced with 2 I-Beam ribs, allowing for total flexibility without having to worry about warping or breaking. An anti-slip hand grip is designed to cushion blows while helping players keep a firm grip on the shaft. All of these features help students better develop their broomball techniques and skills.

DOM® Broomball Set Options

DOM® Broomball Sets are available in a set or pack. Individual Brooms sold separately.

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks (6 ea orange, Yellow) and 1 ball.
  • ClassPlus™ 24-Player Pack. Includes 24 sticks (12 ea Orange, Yellow), 2 polyvinyl balls, 2 indoor balls, and 1 storage bag.
  • Individual Brooms
    • Orange
    • Yellow
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