Aerobie® Soaring Rings

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From simple games of toss and catch, to distances so far they’ve actually set world records, Aerobie® Soaring Rings are versatile discs with endless potential for fun. Designed to be soft and simple, yet incredibly durable at the same time, they’re a sustainable addition to any age PE class. Two sizes help you pair the correct ring with your students.

Amazing Distance

It doesn’t get more streamlined than Aerobie® pro rings and when you’re talking about distance, it’s simply no contest. The 13” Standard Aerobie® pro flying ring currently holds the Guinness World Record for furthest distance by a thrown disc: an amazing 1,333 ft (406 meters)!

The secret is in the extreme thinness of each disc. Where traditional discs are roughly 1” thick, these rings measure just 1/8” thick. This steep drop in thickness alleviates a tremendous amount of resistance and drag, allowing the ring to slice quickly and cleanly through the air after it’s thrown and as it’s gliding to its final destination.

Also working to keep Aerobie® rings in flight for longer is a proprietary spoiler rim design that keeps the center of aerodynamic lift controlled during flight, stabilizing the entire ring through each stage of the throw so they maintain the same velocity throughout their flight path. All of this culminates in a disc that has no trouble travelling swiftly over great distances, amping up the fun for students as they seek to cover more ground with each throw.

Soft & Flexible, Yet Durable

When you’re not throwing for distance, Aerobie® pro flying rings are also primed for toss and catch games, thanks to a soft, flexible construction and hollow design. For students who might be intimidated by a direct catch, it’s easy to stick your arm through the open center of the disc as it glides towards you, ringing it safely for retrieval and a return flight.

When plucking the ring out of the air, a soft rubber design provides great grip without hurting fingers and palms. This softer construction on the outside is reinforced by a much stronger polycarbonate plastic around the interior, which keeps the disc’s shape even when it hits the ground or it’s grasped particularly hard on a catch.

Great for All Ages

Any age group can utilize Aerobie® pro rings to their fullest potential for excitement! Younger students will love seeing discs fly for amazing distances with even the softest toss, and will take solace in the comfortable feel and hollow design of these non-intimidating discs. For advanced disc throwers, games such as disc volleyball can be played at varying paces, incorporating hand/eye coordination skills, disc throwing fundamentals, and teamwork.

Two sizes also make it possible to tailor the right disc size to the right age group and proficiency level. Younger students will find themselves infatuated with the playability of the 10”dia Mini model, while older students and advanced disc golfers will love the capabilities of the 13”dia Standard option.

Aerobie® Soaring Ring Options

Aerobie® Soaring Rings are available in 2 sizes.

  • Mini, 10” dia
  • Standard, 13” dia