Frisbee Max Flight Disc


Glow-in-the-dark discs with a unique cushioned edge!

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Get back to basics by teaching toss and catch disc games with added fun as discs glow in the dark! Frisbee Max Flight has an incredibly stable flight over short distances, with a lightweight hand feel and cushioned edge that make them optimal for non-intimidating tossing and receiving. Durability is a cornerstone of design.

Add glow-in-the-dark fun to toss and catch activities! Simply charge the disc directly under a light for 60 seconds and enjoy up to 30 minutes of glowing fun! With other discs, students might need to compensate trajectory with special releases or angles to keep a disc’s flight clean on the way to a recipient—such is not the case with these discs! The unique design is slightly heavier than most traditional plastic discs, allowing it to cut through the air for better, longer tosses - giving you instant mastery over throwing techniques!

More than just its consistency, the physical construction of these discs makes them ideal for partner and group toss and catch games. Soft, cushioned outer edge is gentle on hands and fingers when grasping a disc out of the air, while also allowing for great grip throughout the throwing motion and on the release. Despite a soft outer edge, the overall construction is incredibly resilient and durable. They can take the impact of trees, the ground, and any other object in stride thanks to the dissipating nature of a cushioned edge. However, the center structure of the disc is made with firm, clear plastic that’s durable against any and all outdoor elements. 9" dia; 240 g. Colors may vary.