Rainbow® AirRanger™ Plastic Discs

Classic design makes our lightest plastic disc applicable for beginner students.


A no-frills, friendly design makes it easy to teach younger students the fundamentals of throwing and catching discs. Play with confidence, knowing these discs will perform admirably! Bright colors make it easy to organize partners, teams, and individuals for games and skills testing.


  • Size: 9” dia
  • Weight: 109 g
  • Great for ages 12 and under

A Great Introductory Disc

Younger players who are just getting familiar with discs will love the smaller 9” dia size and extremely lightweight 109 g hand feel of these discs as they seek to become more comfortable with basic throwing and catching motions. Smaller size and a contoured edge means an easier time gripping by younger hands and a smoother release at the end of the throwing motion. Tremendously lightweight, students will light up when these discs take off quickly and travel smoothly!

In elementary school situations durability is always an asset, which is why these boast great resilience through a tough plastic construction. Even when discs skip off of pavement or skid across asphalt, they’ll come up looking great with no setbacks to their flight capabilities.

A simple design means virtually any disc game is possible at a moment’s notice—including beginner favorites such as Frisbee® tag or Frisbee® bocce. Frisbee® tag is a keepaway game that will get your entire class actively moving as they try to work together to hold possession for the longest time. Frisbee® bocce involves tossing a tennis ball out into the grass, with each student throwing a disc in turn to see who can get the closest.

Bright Colors

Rainbow® colors are a favorite of younger students and help to lower the intimidation factor of catching and throwing. It’s also easy to divide up the class into individual students, pairs, and groups for a quick start to any game. Have the red group passing their disc around from person to person at a set distance, while the green group practices aiming from a distance, while the purple group throws for distance, and so on. Set includes 1 of each color.

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