Gopher BigShot™ Disc

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Our heaviest disc!

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There’s no stopping this disc once it’s in motion—it’ll travel amazing distances and glide smoothly for long-range accuracy that you can count on when you’re aiming for targets or playing catch with a partner.


  • Size: 11” dia
  • Weight: 210 g
  • Great for ages 12 and up

Heavyweight Distance

Our heaviest disc weighs in at a whopping 210 g, making it a powerhouse for distance in your hand. When released, it’ll fly straight and far without succumbing to wind or other elements, making it supremely useful for practicing accuracy over longer ranges. Versatility makes these discs ideal as drivers for disc golf as well, giving your PE budget a break with a multipurpose solution to your disc unit.

For Advanced Players

Because the 11”dia size and especially the 210 g weight of these discs is higher than average, they’re not recommended for players under 12. Younger students may have a harder time controlling and aiming heavier discs, which can disrupt the mechanics of their throw or drive down their confidence as they learn. Instead, experienced players will find these heavy discs a great tool when they’re stepping up to a longer tee off when disc golfing or honing their accuracy over great distances.

Gopher BigShot™ Disc Options

Gopher BigShot™ Discs are available Individually or in a Set of 6.

  • Individual Disc
  • Set of 6 Discs