DISCatcher® Permanent-Mount Disc Golf Target

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Our strongest in-ground/permanent target lets you score like the pros!

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A permanent solution to your disc golf unit, this regulation-sized target will weather all the elements to provide you with a clear and concise way to teach accuracy, distance judgment, and more when it comes to putting discs. Extreme durability stands up to years of routine use, making this disc a great choice for schools!

Regulation Sized

Approved for Championship-level play by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), this disc golf basket is ready for anything, from regulation matches to true-to-form practice. Advanced players will appreciate the regulation-level adherence in their play, while new and younger users will learn the ropes on equipment that’s made for the pros.

Regulation specifications make the target ideal for fast and slow putts, with a larger sweet spot than other targets. The sweet spot is the chained area above the base that receives discs that are on target, dropping them down into the tray for easy retrieval. Being able to focus on speed, accuracy, and depth is an asset for players of all caliber.

Three levels of chains also help to corral shots that may be slightly off target, quickly stopping disc flight and again dropping the disc into the basket. As students continue to improve their aim, they’ll quickly learn how to aim their shots in relation to their last putt, using the chains as a judge of depth, height, and distance.

Extremely Durable

Incredibly durable materials ensure year-round play, no matter what region you reside in or what weather befalls you throughout the seasons. The 14-spoke catch tray, capture chains, and the central rod of the disc golf basket are all made of hot-dip galvanized steel, providing uncompromising durability that stands strong for years after installation. Galvanizing via zinc also adds a depth of protection against rusting, marring, and UV degradation, for additional resilience outdoors.

The physical construction of this basket is also highly conducive to its durability. A central steel pipe measures 74”H x 1-7/8” dia for incredible core strength. At the top, a galvanized chain rack supports 28 chains, each boasting 2/0 straight links arranged for optimal capturing around the diameter of the target—14 exterior, 7 intermediate, and 7 inner. The catch tray features 14 spokes, made with 3/8” steel rods and 5”H x 15/16” dia tubing. Everything is welded for absolutely superb durability throughout.

Permanent Installation

Once it’s in the ground, it’s there for good! Designed for a permanent installation, the central support tube is driven sturdily down into the earth until it’s firmly in place. Once the central pole is in place, it’s a matter of quickly assembling the target via easy to understand, included instructions. When everything is safely in place per the directions, you can set it and forget it as you focus on teaching the fundamentals of disc golf!

DISCatcher® Permanent-Mount Disc Golf Target Options

DISCatcher® Permanent-Mount Disc Golf Targets are available Individually or in a Set of 9.

  • Individual Target
  • 9-Target Course Set