DISCatcher® Traveler™ Disc Golf Target

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The lightest portable target on the market!

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Quick to set up and take down, with resilient material and everything your students need to practice their approach, these disc golf goals are a simple, reliable solution to your disc unit. When you’re not using them they store conveniently in a tote bag, which can also be used to rapidly transport them to the playing area. Extreme durability and resilience means you can keep on playing right through the elements!

Easy Setup and Takedown

Designed to be set up or taken down in two swift actions, these are extremely simple in their construction. Both steps in the process are easy enough for anyone to follow and safe for any age to complete:

  1. Stand the entire unit upright and firmly pull the legs away from the center until they’re fully extended outwards.
  2. Lift the chain/mesh and pull it up the center pole while also pushing down on the leg assembly, until you hear everything lock into place.

Taking the unit down is just as simple in reverse—just pull the release pin under the basket to start the collapse and follow the two-step directions in reverse until the entire goal is compact once again. Rapid setup and takedown times pave the way for more time spent teaching fundamentals of the game and for students practicing their accuracy as they attempt shots on target.

Also included in the setup is flag placement, which can quickly be accomplished by affixing 1 of 3 colored flags to the top of the goal itself—yellow, red, or blue. The flag promotes visibility from longer distances and, depending on the color chosen, can indicate par for the hole or general distance. Flags also indicate wind strength and direction, which can be factored by more advanced players to calculate the best approach.

Extremely Portable

In addition to its easy assembly and disassembly, the portability of this disc golf basket is just as convenient. Each target includes its own tote bag, in which the entire collapsed target fits into neatly and compactly. When full, the entire thing weighs just 15 lb and can be carried to and from storage facilities, where the target can be stored within the tote for additional protection.

Sturdy and Resilient

Constructed of sturdy aluminum, 5 stabilization legs provide staunchness against incoming targets and the outdoor elements, holding this disc golf goal in place at all times. Its unwavering quality is complemented further by included anchor stakes that can be used to hold the target in place on uneven surfaces or in the face of a particularly windy day, when you’re instructing students on how to factor wind into their throws.

An extra-wide basket is made with lightweight, durable, quick-drying mesh fabric that will preserve the integrity of the entire goal in the event of light rain showers or high humidity. This fabric is also resistant to tearing and stretching, which can occur in lesser models when students come to retrieve their discs from the tray.

DISCatcher® Traveler™ Disc Golf Target Options

DISCatcher® Traveler™ Disc Golf Targets are available Individually or in a Set of 9.

  • Individual Target
  • 9-Target Course Set