Frisbee® All-Sport™ Disc


High-performance, multipurpose disc for all Frisbee® sports.

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Younger students and beginner disc throwers will enjoy the small size and lightweight feel of these Frisbee® discs as they practice close-range targeting or play in fast-paced toss and catch games with partners or groups.


  • Size: 9-3/4” dia
  • Weight: 140 g
  • Great for ages 12 and under

Multipurpose Play

The “middle-of-the-road” specifications for these golf Frisbee® discs make them a great multipurpose option for whatever the day’s activities have in store for your students. Practice targeting over moderate distances, get going on a single-disc round of Frisbee® golf, or play a game of toss and catch, all with this disc.

Faster activities are also supported! Get a 4-on-4 game of Hot Box going and watch as students sling this disc around with expert accuracy and skill. The game is similar to Ultimate in that passes need to be completed a set number of times before a team can score. After the pass number has been reached, students will need to make an accurate toss into a 4’ x 4’ box that acts as a goal, with different distances representing different point values. It’s great for teamwork, accuracy, and teaching fundamental disc throwing skills!

An Ideal Beginner Disc

Measuring just 9-3/4” dia, the smaller size of this disc is hugely beneficial for younger students and new disc throwers. The overall size makes it easier to handle, both when throwing and catching, and is less intimidating than larger 11”dia and larger discs. Its 140 g weight is also extremely conducive to younger players, who may find heavier discs more intimidating or harder to throw. This lightweight design also improves accuracy and flight in shorter throwing situations, making it ideal for any toss and catch modality.

Frisbee® All-Sport™ Disc Options

Frisbee® All-Sport™ Disc are available Individually or in a Set of 6.

  • Individual Disc
  • Set of 6 Discs