Frisbee® Freestyle™ Disc

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Excellent in-flight stability and weight.

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Use this versatile disc to perfect throwing technique and move on to more advanced skills! The slightly smaller size of the disc and moderate weight are ideal for trying new throws, adding style to the flight, and controlling your release. Durable design withstands longer periods of play with more wear and tear.


  • Size: 10-1/4” dia
  • Weight: 160 g
  • Great for ages 12 and up

Freestyle Play

Our only Frisbee® designed for freestyle play, students will love the versatility of these discs as they explore new and exciting facets of their throwing technique. Delve into the fundamentals of anhyzer throws, add some extra loft to your drive, or drop a throw into a roll for some extra distance—all of these advanced maneuvers are possible with this accommodating disc! The 10-1/4 “ dia size is more amiable to controlled gripping and throwing than larger discs, while the mid-tier 160 g weight gives discs enough heft to fly as you want them to based on the tricks or skills you’re trying to achieve.

The freestyle design of these discs is also great for close-range toss and catch games—including the fan favorite, Tips. In Tips, teams of 3-5 players sling discs to each other, with the objective of tipping the disc to your teammates, who catch it to complete the play and earn points. A comfort-grip design makes it possible to toss, tip, and catch discs without fear, leading to fast-paced, competitive games that the whole class can get involved in!

Durable Design

Not only do the compact weight and size of these Frisbee® discs lend themselves to an overall better durability, their heavy-duty plastic construction means longevity in the face of institutional wear and tear. They’ll weather all forms of extended play, whether the disc is being tossed by numerous students throughout the day or it’s accidently skipping off asphalt on an errant throw.

Frisbee® Freestyle™ Disc Options

Frisbee® Freestyle™ Discs are available Individually or in a Set of 6.

  • Individual Disc
  • Set of 6 Discs