Frisbee® Pro Classic™ Disc

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Softer and more flexible than other discs, so it's easier to throw and less intimidating to catch.

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Our lightest disc is perfect for beginners and great for toss and catch games. Special plastic material makes it softer and easier to handle, lowering the intimidation factor and enhancing grip for worry-free play!


  • Size: 10” dia
  • Weight: 130 g
  • Great for ages 12 and under

Flexible Design

U-FLEX® material makes this soft Frisbee® easier to toss, catch, and grip, improving playability throughout partner and group disc games! This more malleable construction takes the intimidation out of discs for younger students and invites them to focus on having fun. 10” dia and 130 g size mark great beginner variables for a disc, setting a foundation for easier throwing and better aiming. Confidence in handling the disc also means a willingness to expand their horizons as they experiment with heavier or larger discs in the future!

An Economical Option

Thanks much in part to the U-FLEX® material, this disc is ready for action in any setting, without fear that it’ll succumb to abuse or the elements. Discs will flex on impact, instead of remaining rigid, which dissipates the force of the impact in a way that won’t crack, chip, or warp the integrity of the disc. For the price point and reliability it offers over time, this is our most affordable toss and catch disc!

Frisbee® Pro Classic™ Disc Options

Frisbee® Pro Classic™ Discs are available Individually or in a Set of 6.

  • Individual Disc
  • Set of 6 Discs