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Innova Disc Golf Discs

Starting at $9.95

Discs with long-lasting durability and outstanding performance for players of all skill levels.

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Choose from 4 tiers of Innova Disc Golf Discs to fit the skill levels and capabilities of your students. Each set of discs provides unique assets to students as they perfect their throws.

Disc Options

All discs are available in Driver, Mid-Range, and Putter options. Colors and graphics may vary.

  • DX Discs. Lightweight, slim design is deal for beginners. They require very little throwing power to fly long distances. All-weather grip also ensures a no-slip approach when throwing for better accuracy. 21 cm dia; 140-150 g.
  • Pro Discs. A blend of high-quality plastics for improved durability makes these discs ideal for intermediate players. Slightly heavier weight makes the driver and mid-range discs fly farther and more accurately. Putter is softer for more control over shorter distances. 21 cm dia; 160-169 g.
  • Champion Discs. Heavyweight discs set up advanced players for longer drives and more accurate tosses. The putter is known for its stability and true flight. The rugged durability of these discs makes them ideal for full-length courses. Driver and Putter are 21 cm dia; Mid-Range is 21.7 cm dia. All discs are 165-180 g.
  • GStar Discs. Superb flexibility, grip, and durability make these discs ideal for cold-weather play and advanced disc golfers. All offer dependable stability and reliability through wind and less than perfect weather. 21.5 cm dia; 150-160 g.


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