Innova™ SkillShot™ Portable Disc Golf Target

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Solid top and exposed chains give this portable target an official game feel.

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The heft and durability of this disc golf portable catch target gives off the look and feel of a regulation-sized target, without the permanence. Setup and takedown are made easy via a seamless collapsing and expanding design. Instantly create an infinite number of custom courses, varying in length and skill.

Extremely Durable

Designed with a powder-coated steel frame, this Innova™ disc golf basket exudes strength right down to its core. The powder coating stands up to marring and abuse from everyday wear and tear, while also protecting the structure of the basket from moisture and other outdoor detractors. Despite its strength, the entire unit remains lightweight at just 26 lb.

The catch basket is made with incredibly durable 600 denier polyester, resistant to shrinking, tearing, or sagging. It’s also quick-drying, preventing mold and mildew growth in the face of rain or high humidity. Zinc-coated chains flank the catch basket to provide reliable stopping power for discs, while also lending strength overall. Each of the 16 chains is resistant to rusting, rounding out the all-weather guarantee of this Innova™ disc golf basket.

This entire target sits atop a stable tripod-style base, which keeps it upright and stable even when the wind is blowing or errant discs strike too high or low.

Easy Setup, Takedown, and Transport

Thanks to a familiar umbrella-style action, opening and closing the target for setup and takedown is easy. When opened, the canopy is pushed up the center pole until it snaps into place, with the basket folding outward. Simply place the flag atop the expanded unit and you’re ready to play!

When the time comes for takedown, the process is just as easy in reverse and the entire target slides neatly into a carrying case for instant portability. Sling the tote over your shoulder for quick transportation back to storage, where the entire thing can be stored until you need it next time.

Versatile for All Skill Levels

The near-instantaneous setup of each disc golf portable catch target makes it easy for you to set up an infinite number of courses for your students, tailoring the stance and skill levels to meet specific needs. For younger players, place targets at shorter distances with fewer obstructions for a straightforward approach that builds confidence and improves fundamental skills. For more advanced players, use natural obstacles to promote critical thinking and place targets further apart to teach accuracy and depth over longer ranges.

Each set of Innova™ SkillShot™ Portable Disc Golf Targets also comes with flags to be placed atop the target. These flags signal wind speeds and direction, but can also help students to judge distance or signify difficulty.

Innova™ SkillShot™ Portable Disc Golf Target Options

Innova™ SkillShot™ Portable Disc Golf Targets are available Individually or in a Set of 9.

  • Individual Target
  • 9-Target Course Set