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Outdoor FlipDown Target™ Set


Your students will love the feeling of success they get when they see the bullseye flip down!

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Disc golf portable targets are an ideal way to teach your students accuracy and distance judgment, along with other fundamentals of throwing technique and form. When hit, targets will flip down to signify success, urging students on to the next one. Great durability means targets will stand up to constant abuses, while indoor and outdoor options allow you to tailor your setup to the environment your students will be practicing in.

A Great Teaching Tool

The most critical aspects of disc golfing are accuracy, distance judgment, speed, and depth (loft), which means your students will need a way to practice the proper form and technique before they hit the links. Disc golf targets are the ideal way to incorporate a full lesson, encompassing each of these skills! When the target is struck, it drops; to reset it, just flip it back up again and wait for the magnetized areas to secure it upright!

Space the targets out at different distances to help students judge the necessary strength and speed of their throws, to help them knock over targets both close and far away. Or, place targets at different angles for more advanced players, to assist them in mastering disc behaviors such as a Hyzer or Anhyzer on their release. Nine total targets offer an infinite number of arrangement capabilities, leading to development and mastery of skills for players of all calibers.

The size of each target measures 14”W x 13”H, large enough for any player to be comfortable with. Moreover, it also expands their versatility—they can be used for accuracy challenges in other sports, such as with footballs, beanbags, or inflatable balls!

Superior Durability

Targets are constructed with a powder coated steel frame, which not only allows them to stand strong as they take the impact and abuse of discs and balls, but also helps them to resist rusting and flaking over time. Hefts of 6 or 16 lb (based on indoor or outdoor model) keep them upright at all times, even when high-velocity discs collide with the frame.

Thanks to their simple and single-frame construction, these disc golf targets can easily be picked up and transported to and from storage without disassembly, extending their overall life and usefulness. When in storage you won’t have to worry about them becoming frail or brittle like lesser plastic models—they’ll be ready to go the next time you need them.

Indoor or Outdoor Options

Two options are available for the Outdoor FlipDown Target™ Set based on the environment your team will be practicing in.

Outdoor targets measure 55”H and feature 2 ground stakes that hold them firmly in place at all times. The stakes are L-shaped, which means they can be gently stuck into the ground and pushed in with the heel of a shoe for easy, reliable installation.

Indoor targets offer a weighted base that keeps them upright throughout the lesson. The base itself is made of rubber to ensure stability even when struck by stray discs, and the construction is non-marring to protect your gym floors.

Outdoor FlipDown Target™ Set Options

Outdoor FlipDown Target™ Sets are available in 2 varieties.

  • Outdoor; 55”H, 6 lb
  • Indoor; 48”H, 16 lb