Rainbow® AirCommander™ Plastic Discs

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Larger and heavier disc gives beginners and intermediate players full command of throwing and catching.

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Superior control and stable flight means you can use these plastic discs for just about any fast-paced game your class might be playing! Plastic construction with a ribbed design helps when both throwing and catching, and offers great durability in institutional settings.


  • Size: 11” dia
  • Weight: 160 g
  • Great for ages 12 and up

Long Distance Throwing

A well-balanced combination of 11” dia and 160 g means these discs are ready to fly consistently over longer distances without losing their direction or glide. The secret is in the design—a textured ribbed top enhances disc rotation while in flight to provide overall better stability and control. As the disc glides it’ll maintain its spin velocity, keeping it on track to its intended destination. This specialized design also supports approach, allowing superior control and grip as the disc is brought forward and released.

Thanks to their overall balanced design, you’ll find these discs optimal for team games of all types, including fan favorites such as Frisbee® baseball and Ultimate. In fact, they’re designed with USA Ultimate guidelines in mind to provide a regulation-style experience. Both longer, more accurate tosses and shorter, swifter throws are made easy and lend themselves to the demands of these games, helping students hone their skills while having fun!

Great Durability

Constructed with durable plastic, you won’t have to worry about the dregs of institutional wear and tear affecting the capabilities of these discs. A slight flex in the design of the disc allows it to properly absorb and dissipate the shock of an impact, which prevents cracking and splintering that could permanently damage discs. They’ll fly straight and true for years, giving you an economical solution to your disc unit!

Vibrant Colors

Rainbow® colors provide a bevy of opportunities when it comes to organizing classes or pairing up students. Colors are easy to distinguish when discs are flying around, and it’s easy to assign specific colors to certain stations to keep students on track as they test for skills. It’s also tremendously easy to incorporate specific colors into games as point values or special rules to expand the fun and keep students on their toes! Available in Rainbow® Set of 6 or Class Set of 48.